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European Leading Association of Manufacturers of Industrial Heating Systems



ELVHIS as the European Association of Luminous Radiant Gas Heater Manufacturers was founded in 1994 as a non-profit association representing the technology and interests oft the European manufacturers of gas-fired infrared luminous heaters. In its 43rd meeting in March 2011 ELVHIS resolved to open its doors to the European manufacturers of gas-fired overhead radiant tube heaters and to change its name in ELVHIS Leading Association of Radiant Gas Heater Manufacturers in Europe.

Following a second decision of its 43rd plenary meeting 2011 now besides manufacturers of heaters also companies, organisations, associations, institutes and private individuals concerned with the manufacture of components, and with trade, research or consulting in the field of radiant heat can join ELVHIS as extraordinary members. This enables them to contribute to the design of important parameters for the future of radiant heat and allow them to rely on an enhanced pan-European representation of their interests.


The 66. ELVHIS meeting on 2024-03-11 concludes the multi-year process of merging the two associations, EURO-Air and ELVHIS. The new association ELVHIS e.V. has reacted to the changes in the market and regulatory environment with its new statutes. Through the new members, ELVHIS will become stronger and more diverse and can thus represent the interests of its members in Europe and internationally very well. This is of particular importance because in the current day-to-day policy the focus is often only on the considerations of normal buildings, as residential buildings have a very high demand for heat. Ultimately, modern hall buildings are important for our cultural life and a prerequisite for production, trade, and logistics. In this context, the cooperation of ELVHIS in standardization and active communication with politicians is necessary. The cooperation with the Notified Bodies of the EU member states and the exchange of experience with specialist ministries in other countries are very helpful for the ELVHIS members. This close cooperation enables a solid exchange of experience and a „level playing field“ for the market partners.

ELVHIS supports the development of the Eco Design guidelines and provides up-to-date parameters.
The use of renewable energies in the form of PV electricity or hydrogen is a central task. Standardization and regulation will be supported in this direction.

The harmonization of specific standards is another key task, as this triggers the „presumption of conformity“ in the EU and thus represents a significant improvement in the legal position.

The development of recent years clearly points to the use of renewable fuels, but applications in combination with conventional fuels are currently becoming interesting again if they enable significant energy savings with state-of-the-art technology. ELVHIS will prepare the framework conditions for these modern applications and thus promote the use of high-quality products.