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European Leading Association of Manufacturers of Industrial Heating Systems

Decentralized heating

Non-residential buildings need differentiated heating technology – Infrared radiant heating for the environment and cost reduction.

Unlike central heating systems – for example a boiler with a pumped hot water distribution system and the heat transfer though heating surfaces or pipe systems in flooring – decentralized heating technology is particularly specialized for many non-residential buildings with a ceiling height of 4 meters and more, such as assembly halls or other large spaces such as hangars, warehouses, etc.
Decentralized heating technology provides a sustainable, economical and future-proof solution for heating large spaces. It protects the environment by reducing CO2. With luminous radiant gas heaters and radiant tube heaters decentralized heating generates heat very efficiently (with gas or oil) and within minutes there where it is needed.

Long pre-and post operation times as needed with centralized systems are omitted because instead of convection (heated air) the principle of radiant heat is employed. Radiant heat travels through the air almost without loss. With decentralized heating technology an array of energy savings can be exploited and thus the cost for heating be reduced significantly