European Leading Association of Radiant Gas Heaters Manufacturers


ELVHIS is the technical European association of the leading European manufacturers of gas infrared heaters.

The purpose of this association is to promote scientific research and to provide information about infrared gas heaters, technical developments and its possible areas of use, in particular in the heating of large buildings, as well as the drafting and monitoring of European standards.

The association’s objectives will be carried out through an international exchange of experience and know-how, by making scientific contributions, by submitting articles to popular scientific journals, by providing general information about the technology and possible areas of use for the gas infrared heaters, as well as by promoting research projects that support its use and any other suitable measures, as well as the observation of European standards in this field. ELVHIS may become a member of other domestic or international organisations in order to fulfil its objectives.

ELVHIS’ aim does not address economic business concerns.

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