ELVHIS the European Leading Association of Luminous Radiant Gas Heater Manufacturers has been active as a non-profit representative of the interests of the European manufacturers of gas-fired infrared luminous heaters since its establishment in 1994 and is today best placed as a point of contact for the European Commission and European Parliament.

In its 43rd meeting in March 2011 ELVHIS resolved to open its doors to the European manufacturers of gas-fired overhead radiant tube heaters and to change its name in ELVHIS Leading Association of Radiant Gas Heater Manufacturers in Europe.

The association was reacting to developments on the market by incorporating this type of heater, as both product groups are based on the same active principle of infrared radiant heat, and the number of companies manufacturing and selling both systems is increasing. Until this date, the manufacturers of gas-fired overhead radiant tube heaters had no representative at a European level.

The second important resolution adopted by the meeting was an expansion of membership to include both ordinary and extraordinary members, the aim being to acquire important new partners for the representation of the association’s interests. Now, companies, organisations, associations, institutes and private individuals concerned with the manufacture of components, and with trade, research or consulting in the field of radiant heat can also join Elvhis as extraordinary members. This enables them to contribute to the design of important parameters for the future of radiant heat and allow them to rely on an enhanced pan-European representation of their interests.